Gut Microbiome and Stroke: a Bidirectional Mendelian Randomisation Study in East Asian and European Populations

Background and aims: Observational studies have implicated the involvement of gut microbiome in stroke development. Conversely, stroke may disrupt the gut microbiome balance, potentially causing systemic infections exacerbated brain infarction. …

The STROMICS genome study: deep whole-genome sequencing and analysis of 10K Chinese patients with ischemic stroke reveal complex genetic and phenotypic interplay

Ischemic stroke is a leading cause of global mortality and long-term disability. However, there is a paucity of whole-genome sequencing studies on ischemic stroke, resulting in limited knowledge of the interplay between genomic and phenotypic …

Stroke Omics Atlas (STROMICS)

The Stroke Omics Atlas (STROMICS) is committed to using multi-omics and clinical big data to achieve accurate diagnosis and treatment for stroke patients, reduce treatment costs, and contribute to the health of the people.